Presentation of the EU Whey Protein Consumer Tracker 2017

given at FIE 2017 by Sarah O’Neill

(Marketing Manager Nutritionals, Carbery Group Limited - TF Leader at EWPA)



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The ‘Whey protein consumer tracker’ has been a major 2017 project for EWPA, under the leadership of the ‘EWPA Whey Protein Working Group’, which remit is to take action to improve the marketing and regulatory environment for whey and dairy proteins, in Europe.







Spreading the word about whey protein's benefits

Arla Foods Ingredients’ Blog

December 2017


According to a recent, large-scale study we’ve conducted, not enough people know about the benefits of whey protein. But they’re keen to learn more – and the European Whey Processors’ Association (EWPA) is helping to address that need.


There are many different sources of protein in the world, with more constantly coming onto the market. It’s hard to ignore, however, the growing number of studies that point to whey protein as the best to use for muscle maintenance and recovery. And that equally good results are emerging in a wide variety of other contexts, too, ranging from counteracting age-related loss of muscle mass in the elderly to the role of a high quality protein diet and weight management in overweight people.

But how many consumers are aware of the efficiency of whey protein as a lifestyle supplement? How many know its benefits and are able to put it to good use? Nowhere near enough, it appears. At least, that’s the conclusion of a study recently conducted by our organisation, the European Whey Processors’ Association (EWPA).




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